MatriLine/Y-Clan Classic Combo

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MatriLine/Y-Clan Classic Combo

MatriLine/Y-Clan Classic Combo
£ 369.00


The ‘MatriLine/Y-Clan Classic Combo’ test from Oxford Ancestors combines the ‘MatriLine’ and ‘Y-Clan Classic’ tests for a discount. It analyses your Y-DNA and mtDNA to report on your paternal and maternal ancestry.


  • Find living relatives in the Oxford Ancestors database
  • Can only be taken by males

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive printed ‘Paternal Clans’ and ‘Seven Daughters of Eve’ certificates, and guides containing:

  • The mtDNA and Y-DNA markers analysed
  • A ‘WorldClans’ certificate relating your ancestral mother to the Maternal Clans of the World
  • A ‘Golden Thread’ certificate showing the timeline connections between all the World Clans
  • A full colour PatriMap showing the spread of the ancestral paternal clans
  • Instructions for further Y-Clan signature research
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