All-in-One DNA Test

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All-in-One DNA Test

All-in-One DNA Test
$ 99.00


The ‘All-in-One DNA Test’ by Gentiqo analyzes your DNA using low-coverage sequencing to generate reports on ancestry, health and wellness, and more.


  • Low-coverage sequencing
  • 200+ reports for health and wellness, ancestry, diet and fitness, and skincare

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive 200+ easy to understand online reports for ancestry, health and wellness, diet and fitness, skincare, and medication. Included in the service are:

  • DNA-tailored nutrition and workout plans for multiple goals, including muscle building, weight loss, mental performance, and well-being
  • Information about the supplements you may require based on your genetic profile
  • DNA-personalised skincare information
  • Downloadable raw data files
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