GPS Origins DNA test (Upload)

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GPS Origins DNA test (Upload)

GPS Origins DNA test (Upload)
$ 39.00


The ‘GPS Origins DNA test’ analyzes your DNA to give you the chance to be taken deep into your family history. It traces the migration route of your DNA back to where it originated from and dates the age of your DNA signature.


  • Examines over 730,000 markers
  • 36 gene pools are analyzed
  • Uses 450 reference populations
  • Requires a digital copy of your DNA

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive a report that identifies your ancestral origins to a precise geographic location, using an unprecedented number of gene pools and reference populations. This report includes:

  • Two migration routes – one for each side of your family – that cover tens of thousands of years of your family history
  • The age of your DNA signature and when it last underwent a substantial change at the population level
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