Health and Wellness Premium

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Health and Wellness Premium

Health and Wellness Premium
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The ‘Health and Wellness Premium’ test from Advanced Genomic Solutions analyses your DNA to report on the genetic variations that make your genome unique in terms of optimal health and athletic performance.


  • Examines 60 genetic variants and 51 genes that are most relevant to your health
  • Includes one-to-one review of results via phone or Skype

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive a report designed to help you make informed decisions about your body, diet, exercise and lifestyle. Results will include information about:

  • How to boost energy and enhance vitality
  • Weight control techniques
  • How to optimise your exercise routine
  • Potential vitamin deficiencies
  • Genetic cholesterol predisposition
  • Genetic blood pressure predisposition
  • Injury and recovery genetic potential
  • Beverage reaction (caffeine, alcohol, lactose)
  • Genetic behavioural tendencies
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