My Genetic Compass

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My Genetic Compass

My Genetic Compass
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The ‘My Genetic Compass’ app analyses your DNA to help you find your optimum health and fitness needs.


  • Includes five essential areas of health and fitness
  • Available on iOS
  • Requires a digital copy of your DNA

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive access to an app that delivers clear, easy-to-read results in a portable format. Results will cover the following areas:

  • Your body type – what your muscles are best built for
  • Diet and exercise information based on your unique genetic results
  • Potential vitamin deficiencies as well as natural sources for these vitamins
  • Responses to several major pharmaceuticals, allowing you to avoid the trial period many doctors place onto their patients
  • Disease predispositions: a section that correlates your genetic data with research showing common disease associations
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