Diet Fitness Pro 360 for 23andMe Users

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Diet Fitness Pro 360 for 23andMe Users

Diet Fitness Pro 360 for 23andMe Users
£ 119.00


The ‘Diet Fitness Pro 360 for 23andMe Users’ test from DNAFit analyses your DNA to produce a tailored fitness profile that will help you upgrade your workout and optimise your diet.


  • Helps you realise the marginal gains that will become game-changing results
  • Reveals dietary needs & intolerances
  • Make long-term sustainable changes
  • Requires a digital copy of your DNA

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive instant access to results via an online account containing:

  • Your power & endurance responses and recommended post-exercise recovery speed
  • Your sports injury resilience, recovery nutrition needs and aerobic (VO2 Max) trainability
  • A personalised 12-week eating plan & recipes
  • Reports on genes associated to liver detoxification, anti-oxidant needs, vitamin & micronutrient intake and lactose intolerance
  • Your salt, caffeine & alcohol sensitivities
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