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$ 999.00


The ‘myGenome’ test from Veritas Genetics sequences your entire genome to help you and your physican improve your health and longevity.


  • Average 30X coverage
  • Provides insights relevant to you from over 100 inherited diseases
  • A physician must approve the order

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive reports that contain the following features:

  • Your health risks for almost all clinical conditions that can be attributed to genetic defects and variants
  • Insights and suggestions about your unique personal traits that could lead to a better workout, could help you with your diet, help you eat the foods you love, or result in a more personalized approach to skincare
  • Groups of personal traits including athleticism, nutrition, longevity/aging & ancestry
  • Recommendations on topics you may want to discuss with your physician
  • A follow up with genetic counselors for clinically relevant findings
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