Diet GENius

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Diet GENius

Diet GENius
$ 49.99


The ‘Diet GENius’ app by re:point analyzes your DNA to help you lose weight and improve your nutrition, with personalized guidance along the way.


  • Examines your DNA for tailored nutrition and workout advice
  • Requires a digital copy of your DNA

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive an app with diet recommendations based on your genetics, eating habits, and lifestyle. This package will include the following features:

  • A survey about the foods you eat, and how often you eat them
  • Insights into how to balance the macronutrients you eat, including carbs, proteins, and types of fats
  • A way to track your diet and exercise, which can be used in conjunction with Fitbit
  • A digital coach to guide you through nutrition recommendations and diet goals
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