MyLifestyle DNA test

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MyLifestyle DNA test

MyLifestyle DNA test
$ 249.00


The ‘MyLifestyle DNA test’ by GenePlanet analyzes your DNA to provide you with detailed information that will help you eat smarter, sleep better, get vital, and be healthier.


  • Includes 70+ analyses covering all key areas of your lifestyle
  • Sequences your entire DNA instead of only selected parts of your genome

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive a report including lifestyle features such as:

  • Diet and nutrition (38 analyses)
  • Sport and recreation (11 analyses)
  • Body and mind (28 analyses)

You’ll also be provided with:

  • Regular updates
  • Health score to monitor your overall health
  • Food ID with a list of over 500 foods ranked healthy or unhealthy for you
  • Results accessible in a mobile app
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