Paternal Lineage Testing

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Paternal Lineage Testing

Paternal Lineage Testing
$ 169.00


‘Paternal Lineage Testing’ from International Biosciences analyzes your Y-DNA. It reports on your paternal ancestry and helps you discover your male lineage.


  • Can only be taken by males

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive a PDF certificate containing:

  • Your paternal haplogroup and the migratory path of your ancestors
  • Your haplogroup distribution by region and a list of famous people in your group

You’ll also receive a PDF guide containing:

  • An explanation of the test
  • The story of the human race and a timeline of human

In addition…

This test is possible due to the inherited Y chromosome – this means it can only be undertaken using male DNA, however, females can still take the test by asking a male relative to provide their DNA on their behalf.

You will receive your results 4-5 weeks after we have received your samples at our office, in which you will discover the haplogroup to which you are linked, an ancient ‘family tree’ from which you have descended.

This test allows you to walk back in time and explore the clans who have made you the person you are today.

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