Color Extended

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Color Extended

Color Extended
$ 249.00


The ‘Color’ test analyzes your DNA to help you understand your risk for common hereditary cancers, heart conditions, and response to medication.


  • Reports on 30 cancer-associated genes, including BRCA1 and BRCA2
  • Analyzes 30 genes linked to heart health and 14 linked to medication response
  • Complimentary genetic counseling

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive access to an online account containing:

  • A comprehensive analysis of 30 genes that are associated with an increased risk for the most common hereditary cancers
  • Personalized heart disease risk information and screening guidelines
  • Information about your genetic responses to various medications
  • An analysis of your personal and family health history to inform your results
  • Simple tools for sharing results with your healthcare provider
  • A consultation with a board-certified genetic counselor from Color
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