All-in One DNA Test

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All-in One DNA Test

All-in One DNA Test
$ 149.00


The ‘All-in One DNA Test’ from GenetiConcept analyzes your DNA to help you take steps towards living a healthier life.


  • Examines more than 600,000 markers
  • Provides five reports and your raw uninterpreted data

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive a report that provides information about how your DNA affects your health and wellbeing. Results will cover the following areas:

  • Health – genetic risk and non-medical prevention strategies for over 100 diseases
  • Drug response – genetic effects on over 120 medications
  • Skin beauty – the right ingredients and products for your skin
  • Fitness – the right training and nutrition plans for your goal
  • Well-being – the right ingredients for optimal brain function and stress reduction
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