DNA Diet and Healthy Weight Test

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DNA Diet and Healthy Weight Test

DNA Diet and Healthy Weight Test
$ 139.00


The ‘Diet and Nutrition DNA Test’ from International Biosciences analyzes your DNA to help you tailor your diet so it’s optimal for your health and genetic profile.


  • Reports cover weight loss summary, food, nutrients and excercise
  • Helps you understand the influence your genes have on your behavior towards food

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive access to a PDF report with personalised diet advice. Results will cover the following:

  • Weight loss ability with diet and exercise
  • Protein utilization
  • Fat utilization
  • Carbohydrate utilization
  • Folate tendency
  • Vitamin A tendency
  • Vitamin B tendency
  • Vitamin B12 tendency
  • Vitamin C tendency
  • Vitamin D tendency
  • Fat loss response to cardio
  • Fitness response to cardio
  • Body composition response to strength training
  • HDL response to cardio
  • Insulin sensitivity response to cardio
  • Glucose response to cardio
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