Health and Wellness Optimization Program

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Health and Wellness Optimization Program

Health and Wellness Optimization Program
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The ‘Health and Wellness Optimization Program’ from LifeDNA analyzes your DNA, daily lifestyle, family medical history and health goals to provide you with a personalized supplement regimen and an Optimize Me Analysis.


  • Looks at genetic variants and lifestyle
  • Supplements tailored to your DNA
  • Admittance to the program is subject to approval

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive an Optimize Me Analysis and personalized supplements selected according to your genetics, daily lifestyle, family medical history, and health goals. This product will include:

  • Ingredients chosen for your DNA
  • 3 monthly supplement blends
  • Personalized nutrition and fitness guidance for optimal health
  • Analysis of why your supplements were chosen for you
  • Your own personal LifeDNA expert to track your progress and support you in optimizing your results
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