Fitness DNA

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Fitness DNA

Fitness DNA
$ 179.96


The ‘Fitness DNA’ test from Rightangled Diagnostics analyses your DNA to discover how you can optimize your health and fitness.


  • Tailored 8-week diet and exercise plan
  • Reports on nutrition, exercise, weight management, and eating behavior

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive a personalized online report listing genetic predispositions affecting your health and wellness and a tailored diet and exercise regime. Results will include:

  • Diet and nutrition – lactose tolerance, fat and glucose metabolism, etc.
  • Exercise response – power and endurance, muscle growth, repair and recovery, etc.
  • Body and weight management – feeling full, hunger response, etc.
  • Eating behavior – food pleasure response, snacking behavior, etc.
  • A tailored diet and fitness regime spanning 8 weeks
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