Breed Identification Kit

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Breed Identification Kit

Breed Identification Kit
$ 129.00


The ‘Breed Identification Kit’ from Embark analyzes your dog’s DNA to provide information on breed and ancestry.


  • Tests for over 250 breeds, covering more than 98% of dogs in America
  • Discover your dogʼs family tree back to great-grandparents
  • Discover and connect with siblings, parents, and cousins with the world’s only canine relative finder

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive access to an online account, which will provide you with information about your dog’s ancestry and breed. This will include:

  • Easily understandable, interactive results, as well as updated results as new discoveries are made
  • A free replacement swab if you lose your original swab – down your dog’s mouth or otherwise!
  • Your dog’s raw genetic data on request
  • Doggy DNA Relative Finder – find the dogs related to your furry friend!
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