Ancestral Origins (Standard)

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Ancestral Origins (Standard)

Ancestral Origins (Standard)
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The ‘Ancestral Origins™ (Standard)’ test from Easy DNA analyzes your autosomal DNA. It reports on your ancestral origins and the modern populations you share your DNA with.


  • Includes a printed map (43 × 27cm)
  • Uses the Focused GeoGenetic Database
  • Can be taken by males and females

What you’ll receive

A standard sized map (43 × 27cm) printed on glossy photographic paper which displays:

  • The location of your ancestors before recent human dispersal in the form of a Native Region Matches map
  • The location of modern populations that you share your DNA with in the form of a Population Matches map
  • You’ll also receive printed guides and your internationally recognized STR DNA Profile

Ancestral origins results

Results come as a 10 page report which includes a map. The map is the most succinct and significant part of EasyDNA’s findings regarding your ancestral origins. A true voyage of discovery, the map will show:

  • Strength Indicators: The strength indicator demonstrates your commonality with the different regions in the FoGG genetic database in a numerical form. The strength indicator shows how significantly you are related to a group of persons from a particular geographical region.
  • Native Region Matches: A separate comparative analysis is also performed which attempts to connect your genetic makeup with your anthropological native regions and provide you with the results. Using different comparison models helps us provide a more accurate answer to your Ancestral Origins.
  • Population Matches: EasyDNA provides the most comprehensive DNA ancestry test in the marketplace comparing your unique DNA makeup with every available source and database to indicate how strongly your DNA matches with those of other populations. Our simple color coded result system will display varying degrees of commonality your DNA shares with other regional populations.


The historical narrative provided about the great migrations is highly relevant as it will help you gel all you have learned from your results, besides making a very interesting read for those interested in knowing the migration patterns of the earliest people spanning millennia on the time scale of human existence all the way to the 19th century.

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