Maternal Lineage DNA Test

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Maternal Lineage DNA Test

Maternal Lineage DNA Test
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The ‘Maternal Lineage DNA Test’ from Easy DNA analyzes your mtDNA. It reports on your maternal ancestry and helps you discover your female lineage.


  • Analyzes HVR1, HVR2 & HVR3 mtDNA regions
  • Can be taken by males and females

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive a PDF certificate containing:

  • Your maternal haplogroup and the migratory path of your ancestors
  • Your haplogroup distribution by region and a list of famous people in your group

You’ll also receive a PDF guide containing:

  • An explanation of the test
  • The story of the human race and a timeline of human migration

In addition…

The test is based on Mitochondrial DNA analysis. Mitochondrial DNA or “MtDNA” is a DNA type that is inherited by male and female offspring and always passed on exclusively from the mother. Maternal ancestry testing will provide you information that would have been, prior to DNA tests, unavailable to anyone. The test compares your DNA to the DNA of a variety of maternal haplogroups in our very extensive database. These haplogroups are basically studied maternal ancestral clans and each of us can be linked to their own clan through ancestry DNA testing.

Results include:

  • Your haplogroup designation and a haplogroup description page;
  • A personalized map depicting your ancestors’ journey and where they initially settled in the ancient world;
  • Your mtDNA raw data, listing the differences between your sequence and that of the revised Cambridge Reference Sequence;
  • Facts about your haplogroup, including which parts of the world you can find your “genetic cousins” and famous people who share the same haplogroup as you do.
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