Can I use an ancestry DNA test to find my father?

Can I use an ancestry DNA test to find my father?

Can I use an ancestry DNA test to find my father?

Every week, there are stories of people finding lost family members, or discovering that their biological parents are not who they thought they were – or even that their biological father is a rogue fertility doctor.

With all these stories of hope and heartbreak, you may be wondering how you can use an ancestry DNA test to find a lost parent or other family member. Odds are that whichever test you choose to take, you will probably have some relatives in the database, even if the closest are only third or fourth cousins. It may be that you have to take multiple ancestry tests in order to find family more closely related to you, or upload your DNA data file elsewhere.

This guide will help you figure out which ancestry test is best for you, and how you can trace an unknown father or missing family member, even if they aren’t in the database you choose.

First things first: which ancestry test should I take?

When it comes to picking an ancestry DNA test to find relatives, what you really want to think about are numbers. Each ancestry testing company has their own database of users, and these databases do not overlap. For instance, if someone has taken a DNA test with AncestryDNA, then they will not show up in the 23andMe family finder feature unless they have also taken this test.

Current database sizes for the major ancestry companies are:

Given the sizes of the databases, you are most likely to find a missing family member – or a clue to your missing family member – in the AncestryDNA or 23andMe databases, since these are the largest. If you can’t decide between these two, we have published an article comparing 23andMe and AncestryDNA.

I already took an ancestry test with one company, but couldn’t find any relatives

Buying multiple ancestry DNA tests can get pricey. If you don’t have any luck finding your relatives in one ancestry database, then before you buy another test it might be a good idea to upload your raw DNA data file (which you can download from most providers) to GEDmatch, a free online database that allows genetic relatives to connect with each other.

If you can’t find any relatives that are close enough to help you on GEDmatch, then it might be worth purchasing another ancestry DNA test.

Also, bear in mind that more and more people are purchasing ancestry DNA tests all the time. If you don’t find any relatives immediately, it is worth allowing yourself to be visible in the family finder database, and switch on notifications so that you will be emailed with any new matches or messages. It might be a long waiting game, so don’t give up hope!

Can I find my father through my other relatives?

Even if you don’t manage to find your missing father, sister, or other relative in the ancestry database(s) you look in, you will often find you have a number of cousin matches. If you connect with a first cousin or an aunt, then you may be led quite easily to your lost parent.

Many people, however, will only have distant relatives in the database: second, third, fourth, fifth, and even sixth cousins. Though these are only distant relations, it is still possible for you to track down a missing father using cousin matches, especially if they are willing to help you.

Filtering by mother's or father's side on 23andMe

Filtering by mother’s or father’s side on 23andMe

First, if it is your father you are looking for, you will want to work out which of your DNA matches are on your father’s side. This is easiest if your mother has also taken an ancestry test with the same company as you. For instance, with 23andMe’s DNA Relatives feature, if you have connected with your mother (or another relative related to your mother and not your father) you can filter your DNA matches to show only relatives on your father’s side of the family.

If your mother or maternal relative is not able or willing to take an ancestry test, then you will need to work out how your cousin matches are related to you through your shared matches. Asking your cousin matches what they know about their parents and grandparents will also allow you to rule out more distant relatives on your mother’s side, and to find a common ancestor on your father’s side.

If you are on, then you will be able to view the family trees of your relatives, assuming they’re willing to share them. In order to use Ancestry’s genealogical features, you will need to either pay for a subscription, or take advantage of a free trial.

If you can find a relative on any site who has a link to their family tree, this will help to show how you are related to them, and might provide clues about your other relations.

Once you find a shared ancestor – a great-grandparent, for example – with one of your genetic matches, you can start to establish a family tree, working out who the descendants are of that ancestor and how they relate to you. You may have to contact your cousin matches to ask questions, and should try to do this as sensitively as possible, bearing in mind that they might not know how they are related to you or anyone in your immediate family. This will help you narrow down your missing father’s family, until you find his parents, siblings, and finally your father himself.

Can an ancestry DNA test prove paternity?

Once you’ve found your father in an ancestry database, or tracked him down through your shared relatives, you may wonder how valid your findings are, and whether an ancestry test really counts as proof of paternity.

Technically, an ancestry test is not recognized as legal proof of paternity. In order to truly prove paternity, you’d need to take a paternity test. Of course, it may be that if you’ve had to piece together your family tree yourself, you might have hit a wrong turn somewhere, and so it might be worth taking a paternity test with your suspected father, if only for peace of mind purposes.

If you have matched directly with your father (or his sister, or your half-sibling, etc.) through an ancestry DNA service, then you can be fairly confident that he is your father, unless you’ve stumbled across his identical twin. Still, one or both of you may not consider an ancestry test as definitive proof of paternity, and so you may want to take a paternity test together.

When purchasing a paternity test, you are usually given two options: either a peace-of-mind test, or a legal test. Legal paternity tests can be used in legal proceedings (such as changing the name on a birth certificate). Peace-of-mind tests do not require that the parties be observed taking the DNA samples, and so are only for private information and are not legally admissible.

And… if I still don’t get anywhere?

If you are still unable to find your unknown parent or family member, then you might want to think about reaching out to a genetic genealogist. Genetic genealogists use a combination of genetics and more traditional family tree mapping in order to work out your family connections. Often, they are experts in using genetic matches, birth, death, marriage and adoption records, and social media to fill in gaps in family trees and establish connections between biological relatives.

Each genetic genealogist will come at their own price, so you’ll want to think about how much you’re willing to spend. has their own AncestryProGenealogists service, and offers free estimates on how much it may cost to have one of their genetic genealogists find your missing family member. Bear in mind that finding missing family can be very difficult and time-consuming, and that the price tag may reflect this.

I’ve found my biological parent – now what?

Once you’ve discovered your missing parent, it might be daunting to get in touch with them. You may also discover more family members than you initially bargained for, such as aunts, uncles, grandparents, and half-siblings.

You should bear in mind that until you contact them, you won’t know what their family dynamics are, or how open they are to receiving new family members. It’s a good idea to think about what you hope you’ll get out of the new relationship – if you manage to establish one – and how it will impact you if your attempts to make contact are rebuffed. You should be prepared for the possibility that your biological parent may not know of your existence, or may not want to be contacted.

Still, even if you fail to establish a relationship with your birth parent, you may find an aunt, uncle or half-sibling who wants to make contact and get to know you. Again, unless you get lucky and find a close family member in the database, finding your birth family could be a long process. But it will hopefully prove rewarding in the end.


March 16, 2019

My husband done a DNA test along with our daughter in hope of maybe finding something out about his father that he’s mother will not say anything about him and as he would now be in his 80s may not even be alive , but still he’s was hoping that maybe he could find a family member . He 1st cousin has her DNA done as well and came back as 639cmM on ancestry then there 2nd cousin on his maternal side .
My problem is all the others seem to be on his maternal side or if not a share with his 1st cousin there are with his 3rd and I not reading it right
I just can’t seem to break it down and find my thing to do with his fathers line ; he’s mother is from Italian descent & his father is Greek descent but his DNA saying 75 % Italian & 20% Eastern Europe and Russia.
Is anyone able to help

Diane McConkey

March 23, 2019

I am doing research for my brother in law who doesn’t know who his father is. He had a dna test done through ancestry and several close cousins appeared. I’ve communicated with many of the close cousins but no response from others and we are no further ahead. Can you help.
Thank you

Miss Norma

April 23, 2019

My son is 29 years old. We don’t know if his father is dead or alive. What DNA test is best for us.


April 25, 2019

I know who my daughter’s father is without a doubt, but she has gone on some ancestry site, and telling me, that he is not her father! She said she found a cousin, also a grandmother they share! How is this possible? I know for a fact, one hundred percent who her father is! And I she’s telling me he is not!

Rosa Elena

April 26, 2019

I got my results from MyHeritage but it does not show any relatives. I don’t know my biological father but I was hoping to find some, any information. I’m willing to take another test, which company should I use?


April 29, 2019

I had DNA testing by Ancestry, in hopes that the people I thought were half siblings indeed were. They are not. I am trying to find my biological father, who I am certain is deceased. I have a close DNA match with another man who is also trying to find out who his father is. We have one person in common who has not been very forthcoming. How should I proceed?


May 7, 2019

I’m a 13 year old girl,I just found out that my father is not actually my biological father, he has been pretending to be my biological father but he’s not! I want to meet my real biological father but I don’t know if he is still dead or alive.I have never met him but I want to!!! I don’t have any information about him at all,all I know is his first name.Somebody please help me.Please,I’m desperate….

Kathy Green

May 29, 2019

Hello everyone, my mother died when I was 17 years old and never told me who my real father was . I took Anscetry dna and fould several blood cousins….I put my story out to them and everyone help me pick through the possibilities….my sister spent hours researching for me . I finely found a possible half brother on Facebook and I got the nerve to talk to him .He asked questions and I answered as much as I could .I asked him if he would take the test and he did ….and we matched …he matched with more DNA then my sister I grew up with ….now I have my answer to who my father is and he has also submitted a test ….53 years of not knowing …has been answered ….thank you for reading my story …..never give up hope …its out there

Shelly J Omasta

June 3, 2019

I’m in the same situation as many of you. I found out my dad isn’t my bio dad. I connect back to 5 people 4th-6th cousins in my biofathers side. I have contacted all of them and none of them can help me to get closer. So, like many of you, I’m waiting and check often to see if someone new has done a DNA.


June 8, 2019

Can I find my biological dad thru the DNA of my oldest son??

Kathy Duarte

June 12, 2019

I have ancestry dna I found a few second and third cousins . So close yet the won’t talk to me. I have text them ancestry and no answer. They know my biological father through their family tree. Please I am begging please help me. How cruel can they be to just ignore me.

Susy Mae

June 17, 2019

I was pregnant and did not know it for 2 months 13 yrs later DNA test show that he is not the father of my child ,I briefly think back to try to recall name what can I do please

Ciara mcgeoghan

June 25, 2019

Looking for my father his from northern Ireland as far as I know .. my mother will not tell me who he is .. I want t know him meet him I need closure..


July 1, 2019

My mother took the test and found a 1st cousin. We spoke to them and found out the relative they shared was my mother’s unknown biological father. He lived a block from where my mother grew up and left by joining the Army. He never contact her when he was living and those people that knew the truth took it to their graves. My mother also confirmed who her maternal grandfather was through DNA testing. As you can tell men didn’t stick around on my mothers side. Fortunately my mother was adopted in to a great family that broke the cycle of abandonment.


July 14, 2019

Recently had an NPE pop upon my relative list. Only showing relationship to 6 immediate family members… showing 1/2 generation involvement. From Ukraine…
Wondering if anyone has seen any info from
possible POW/MIA’s from Cold War/Vietnam era who may have been imprisoned and later released within country… didn’t return to US? Need help with this… thanks!


July 20, 2019

I’m 38 years old. This year I completed a test with Ancestry, as well as 23andMe. I uploaded my results to 2 other sites. After 38 years going through life believing my dad was my biological father, we found out he is not. It has been a horrible roller coaster. I have identified many second cousins, however, no one knows for sure where I came from. We have two working theories but nothing solid. I spend every few days logging in hoping someone closer has done a test. It would be great just to know where my genes come from… my dad is still my dad but the empty hole inside of me is unexplainable. Women, don’t do this to your children. I know you think you’re saving a relationship, but not telling your child or spouse the possibility hurts so many people when it all comes out. With the existing genetic companies out there, it’s only a matter of time before your secret is found out. Own it, move forward, don’t hide it and destroy your relationships.. anyone reading this, you’re not alone..


August 1, 2019

My husband and I took the ancestrydna tests two years ago just for curiosity sake. It was my idea and I paid for the tests. A year later I get an email through the website asking me about my husband as this woman is a match to him. I look at their results and the match indicates parent/child. I was shocked to say the least. My husband was married before me and has a daughter from that marriage. We have two sons. It appears that a woman he was having sex with in the early 70s in Tampa must have become pregnant and never told him as she was involved with another man. The mother and father of this woman are both dead, so they cannot be questioned. My husband had no idea!! Be careful out there folks.


August 6, 2019

I can relate to you Josh and others who found out their Dad was not their biological father. I just discovered this thru Ancestry DNA matches. I’m 100% certain. I’m 60 years old and both my Dads are now deceased. The hurt and empty feeling and emotional breaking is incredibly painful. I’ve been lied to all my life when I questioned my obvious physical appearance from other immediate family. Parents are not protecting children by deceiving them. Technology is so advanced which makes it easier to prove or disprove parentage. My heart aches. My mother is still alive in a nursing home and I do want to tell her what I discovered. My fear is she will not fess up which would cause me more pain. The emptiness is sometimes unbearable.


August 10, 2019

Which test is recommended to locate family on your unknown father side?

K Ward

August 11, 2019

My experience with Ancestry is that I’m trying to find my birth father and his immediate family. My mom is deceased and no one knows who he is or was. I can only find 2 of 3rd cousins on here and they messaged me back once and never again and then ignored me afterwards when I sent more messages to try to get information. All of the 4th cousins don’t know anything a lot of them try to help but it’s so hard. It’s like I’m the only one here in Indiana and I know that he was here for sometime around my mom. It’s just frustrating and I just keep giving up at times. :( :(


August 14, 2019

OMG I never new I wasn’t alone in this. I was raised back in the 70’s by my grandparents. My mum was 17 at the time. She told me who my father was when I was 7 years old. I met his brother when I was 16. Any a year or so later I decide 1 Christmas that I wanted to wish my Uncle a merry Christmas and I new the street his parents lived on so I rung and ended up in a long conversation with their sister. I ended up meeting several people in the family. My mother and I don’t get on, never really have. Anyway it never fell right, they are a big wonderful family. Anyway I told the guy my mum named that some didn’t feel right and he felt the same way. So when I was in my late 20’s we got tested and no he’s not my father which was heart breaking. Then I got myself tested with a guy he name and no luck.

So I pretty thought I would have to die and talk to god once I got to heaven to find out. Anyway last December I did the Ancestry test and got my results in January this year. I was hoping to find out a little be more about who I am etc, a little part thought maybe I might finally find out who my father is but at the same time didn’t really think I would. Anyway I got my results and have some pretty close matches but at the time I didn’t really understand them. All of this because I didn’t click on the icon that has the %‘s and how you are like to match.

My closest match is an Aunt and then two great Uncle and Aunt. I met my Great Uncle a week or so ago. Its so unreal. I’m nearly 50 and I have had half my identity missing for my entire life, a great be hole which could never be filled!! I truly thought I was the only one as normally with adopted kids they at least have records to trace. My father has been dead for the past 20 years which is sad. Now I just have a million questions and I just have to be patient which is difficult.

Good luck to everyone looking. :)

Donna Gunnell

September 3, 2019

Want to find my father

Sandra Downing Moore

September 3, 2019

My story is a very sad one my mom was only 15 when she got pregnant with me I never I have never known Who my father Is She finally told me before she passed away that it was between 3 men They were in the Air Force stationed in New Mexico She only remembered one of their names Roy Taylor The other 2 she did not remember I have taken an ancestry dna test Praying I can find some type of familial match people don’t understand how hard it is to not know who half of you is I’m so afraid I won’t find anyone but I’m praying I can find a 1/2 sibling or an aunt or an Uncle or something I’m just glad to know I’m not alone

Brian Springthorpe

September 4, 2019

My mother never told me who my biological father was. She is now deceased. However, I grew up hearing the whispers about my provenance. I have reason to believe his name was Gallagher possibly Alan for a first name and he met my mother in Stafford, UK. Records have shown that a man of this name died in 1977. Would an Ancestry Heritage test show if I was related to this man? I would be satisfied even if the test simply showed that I was not related to the man my mother married and whose name I bear.

Caroline Hobbs

September 4, 2019

My sister and I both had our DNA tested, and it comes out as our cM is 1,679 far too low for us to to be full siblings…I just want to know the likelihood is of this being the case, I’m ok with it either way, what bothers me is not knowing.

Phyllis Tovar

September 7, 2019

A man who did ancestry DNA has come forward saying my husband is his father can this be possible can he tell from this test only? He wasn’t the only brother involved with this lady.

Krycany Chae

September 8, 2019

I received my DNA matches tonight….and immediately found a 100% parent/ child match to myself. Neither one of my (believed to be) biological parents have taken a DNA test? Is this real? I mean to tell someone they are a 100% parent/ child match is a huge deal, and makes me suspicious that this is a scam.

My biggest concern is my parent match is “account managed by 2LINK2”. I have been researching for hours, and cant seem to figure out what 2LINK2 is, or why they would have access to said parents DNA?

I mean am I crazy, or is this really a situation of “ I just found out that my biological father is actually not who I think it is?”

Please Help.


September 17, 2019

Please can someone help me find my father my mother don’t want to tell me anything I need to find my father I don’t have any finances please help someone


September 17, 2019

Please can someone help me find my father my mother don’t want to tell me anything I need to find my father I don’t have any finances please help someone if someone can help I’m in South Africa

jasmine baksh

September 23, 2019

am 63 my daughter is 42 and i dont know her dad how could i fine him


September 27, 2019

I don’t know if there’s solution for myne , my mother and my father had DNA test late 70s and the result came back positive for my father .I was then taken by my father till now I never saw my mother how can I trace the whereabout of her

Loretha eggleston

October 20, 2019

Hello my name is loretha m eggleston i am looking for my father by the of richard johnson according to my birth certificate he was 34 at the time of my twin sister and i birth which would probrably make him 80 or 81 now my mom who was 27 at the time and she was born in 1945 .we were born in november 19 1972..hopefully someone come accross my message and i get a response.thank you

Coby Rachal

November 6, 2019

I fill am a child that was taking , kidnapped .am women now, I seen a picture that look like me on missing Elizabeth Beth Ann Gill,.and Martha Gill my be my sister ,I don’t know.i can pay for a DNA test to see if they are my family .all I know is hope one day I will know and have pice of mind,


November 22, 2019

I want to know about my dad’s mom’s, mom. I’ve been told that my dad’s mom lineage is from a native American tribe. My father has pasted and so has his mom as well as his sister. What DNA test would help me and would I need my dad’s sister daughter to take the test. Please help


December 22, 2019

I found out the night my father died when I was 15 that he was covering for my mother who had an affair. Raised me as his own and never let up that I wasn’t his. At 33 I did the 23andme test and found my biodad and after agonizing for days over drafting a letter to him I sent it off several months ago and he’s chosen to ignore me. It’s painful to feel that rejection and something people in my situation should prepare for. Apparently I have sisters. I feel robbed of them.

Robert Allen

December 31, 2019

I have no knowledge of any of my blood relatives. I don’t even know what my name was before l was adopted as a baby. My adopted mother is deceased. My adopted father is 93 and cannot help. My birth certificate gives no information apart from the date of birth and place of birth which doesn’t seem to exist. I have felt alone all my life. Would dna testing help me? I don’t know.

Sondra Mack

January 5, 2020

I don’t know my daughter’s father only his first name and where he was from is Boston area she is an adult now but would still like to know how can I do this

Susan Levy

January 30, 2020

I know I am of Jewish decent. My grandfather came to America from Russia and my grandmother came to America from Romania. I would love to do DNA but cannot afford it. Is there any way to do it for free?

Jill O

March 9, 2020

My son is 27 and he wants to find his father. What dna test is best for this situation.

Sharon McDonald

April 30, 2020

My father is William J Boulieu who is deceased since 11/23/2000. His mother deceased never told him who his biological father was. I have a Family Tree online still not been able to locate . He was adopted by his biological Grandparents.
Can you give me idea on how to find his father? One of the Aunts provide my mother with a name that she suspected who his father was. How should I proceed?
Sharon (Boulieu) McDonald

Eugenio Fernandez

May 7, 2020

I had a brief relationship with a woman about 20 years ago. About a year later she told me she had a son by me. I was young so I didn’t pursue the matter but now I would like to know if I have a son out there. I only know the mom’s 1st name and possible location where she lived at the time.

Can ancestry DNA help me with this?

Eugenio Fernandez

craig kerr

May 18, 2020

Im 34 and i have never known my biological dad,all i was ever told was that his name was David Boyd and he worked for the gas board.!?? My mum and i dont see eye to eye ,we never really have done,and her not giving me more information has put a massive strain on our relationship,can Ancestry DNA help…
Regards Craig.

C Smith

May 31, 2020

I’m 62 with a pacemaker. I’ve never known my biological father. I joined ANCESTRY DNA. There was lots of of 2nd & 3rd cousins on mom’s side. There was 1 or 2 close cousins on dad’s side. We texted back n forth. He said my dad was his dad. Don’t know if he was serious. Never heard from him again. Mom passed away 4/19/20 83 yrs old. Recently, my AUNT said she was told my dad was Doug Hayes from CBS in NYC 1958 “Days of our lives” in front or behind the camera. But mom said his name was Johnny Monroe. I need a genealogist to contact me

patricia burns

June 8, 2020

My daughter did the ancestry dna test and my husband did not show up as her father, I don’t know why. There were 2nd, 3rd &4th cousins that popped up on that side but no way to connect, it says it’s an unlinked tree. My husband’s cousin had done ancestry dna test quite a few years back to trace their family history and all our children were listed as his kids. If I do the dna test will it show more, like my other children? Because it doesn’t even show my other children( brother&sister) as it is.

Doris Anderson

August 26, 2020

I am trying to help my daughter fine her father I know the first name not the last name

Beth moore

September 10, 2020

I am 35 years old.i dont know who my father is or his name..everytime I ask my mom she says here we go again just leave it alone..I feel a pain in my heart because i dont know anything….please help can i find my father if i dont know his name and my mother doesnt want to talk about it and how i grew up feeling never mattered..

Regina Davis

September 30, 2020

I Regina Booker Davis I am 48years lady I never new my father I being trying to find him I never meeting him to don’t know what he look like it’s really being hurting me inside wonder is he dead are a live the only thing my mother told me his name and that was all I wish some can reach out to to see can y’all please help me find out something and tell me how do I take the Dna to let him know he have a daughter out here and grandkids out here we need it in all life if not I do understand if we don’t find it thanks

Bethanie LeBlanc

October 16, 2020

I grew up in foster homes a big reason I desided to trace my family tree birth mother says she dont know who my father is ..i recently sent in my dna I dont think I’ll find my birth father on here but I’m hoping for at least some clues a sur name or some close relative that may be able to help point me in the right direction to figureing out who he may be..i dont think my father is even is aware he has a child out here


November 21, 2020

How do I find out if my daughter dad is her dad


December 1, 2020

How can i find how who my biological father is i have not clue at all. I was raised with my grandparent my mom never wanted to talk about it .My mom and all of her side of the family as passed away. i have health issues and two children.

Russ Izzard

December 10, 2020

I’m looking for my birth father,I hear he is from antigonish n.s with the name joe mc/Mac Donald if anyone has the slightest clue, please help me the search has been a long one ,I would like to know to belong to something my next step is ancestory DNA

Tai woo

December 14, 2020

i met my real dad twice once when i was 4-5 the 2nd and last time was when i was 17 I saw the national anthem and scored a touchdown at homecoming person who I call my mother told me she had someone who wanted to meet me and Wala I see my father for the second time I never got his name or his number he gave the person I called my mother his number and she never gave it to me she made lies she never wanted me to meet him someone please help me this happened in LI 10/2007 i cant ever forget what he looked like he was my twin like sister sister type shit and for this woman do lie til this day shows me evil people enjoy doing bad things to good souls

Joseph Andrade

December 22, 2020

I was raised by my adopted parents. I was adopted within my biological mother’s family. My biological mother passed 9 years ago. I did get to meet her before she passed. I asked her who my biological father was . She said I was convinced in east side Banning California in 1959. She said he is white and is name is Andy and was a house painter and that’s all she would ever say about it. So I would like to find out more about him if possible!


January 5, 2021

I recently connected to my son’s report and 23andme and came back as genetic relationship 0% what does that mean?

Marc methot

January 9, 2021

Thru ancestry DNA i found my bilogical was confirmed by the Quebec adoption agency.also found first cousins.they helped me with my search.probally found my bilogical also.

Shenelle Darden

February 5, 2021

Im so aggravated my mom died and never told me who my dad was i was adopted at age 3 i know all my moms family but not my dads his name is James O’Henry Anderson born im guessing in 1948 in wyoming but at some point was in Baltimore when he hooked up with my mom thats all i know. How can i find him? somebody help me please

Frederic D.

February 9, 2021

Hello, I’m 37 and I used a DNA test kit to find out about my bio father (sperm donor) in Belgium. Unexpected BIG MATCH on MyHeritage ! I have a half sister of 34 and a half brother of 29 !! We communicate now regularly :) About the bio father no progress though, just a distant cousin with 1% Dna related who doesn’t answer.. but I don’t lose hope :)


February 10, 2021

I want to say that instead of paying for a paternity test, paying the ancestry kit fee is much more affordable and will connect you to finding your biological parents and your connected roots. It was recently confirmed that my partners “son” who we had suspicions for found the biological parent automatically connected the child to his bio father. It’s a pretty interesting process and a lot of information to learn based on backgrounds!

Janet browning

February 28, 2021

I am trying to gather info to find my sons father. I have no info on his side at all.dont know name or anything. I read how some people found what they needed and im hoping on some help too as my son doesnt want to know me andthis is recent he is 40 years old i cant give him his father dont know his name or anything now too long ago.please help me find him for my son.

Michael Penske

March 13, 2021

Would an ancestry dna test tell me if i have a kid out there or not?

Nichole McMeans

March 18, 2021

So, my DNA test finally came in the mail. When I was about 17 years old I questioned my mom about my biological father listed on my birth certificate. She told me this crazy long story about how she and him split and she had relations with another man and that who is in my birth certificate was my father even though the DNA test was negative… much more to that story, but all of what she told me, I believed because I was young and mother passed shortly after that. As I’ve became an adult I’ve questioned family about this matter. Information I got from my uncle is he thinks my dad is a man by the name of Danny Green. He was also married when him and my mother had an affair. And apparently he’s a truck driver. So I finally decided to try and see if I get some type of connection. The guy I found on here with the same name same age and location as my bio father could be actually died 6 days before my mother did. I’m hoping it’s not him. Anyways will update once I get results back from this.


March 25, 2021

I had DNA hits on a Half-sibling and and aunt. (No contact from either) Unfortunately the farther died back in 2008 so no direct test possible. and he matches what little (very little) info I had about him before.
Is it alright to put him in my family tree(s) on places like, 23andme, etc.


April 17, 2021

Got my dna test results in. Turns out the man who I thought was my father wasn’t. Through AncestryDNA I was able to find out who my biological father was, but unfortunately he is now deceased.


May 6, 2021

Can my sister use our niece for a DNA test to see if we have the same father?

Chris Banday

June 18, 2021

My daughters father is adopted and he has never cared to find out anything about his biological family. His adopted family are dead and he has a different family now and doesn’t see my daughter or her children. I can’t convince my daughter the importance of finding out about that side of her family. She could very well have living relatives out there. A medical history and nationality background would also be great to know!

Lashawn Livingston

June 18, 2021

I’m 37 years old my mom die 11 years ago. my father name is jeno Williams. he stay on the south side of Chicago. he from 63 & Morgan. I never met him. I don’t know him. I really wants to close this chapter in my life . Even if we don’t talk I just want to know who he is, And how many sisters and brother do I have. that’s it. My mom only told me his name and where he was from. She say he was married and he have other kids.


June 20, 2021

Hi, I’m trying to find out if there is a specific test I can take if I don’t know who my father is? My mom doesn’t know who he is therefore, I don’t know who he is. Thank you.

Gracie Reigh

June 30, 2021

Looking for husbands bio father. Closest paternal DNA matches of a male 1st-2nd cousin 7% shared DNA which shares a different last name than the female 2nd – 3rd cousin (5%shared DNA) Other cousin matches appear to be on female cousins side which I believe to be the maternal side of bio father but thats because I am thinking the 1st cousin male has a link to both maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather. These 2 cousins share same grandmother, different grandfathers. Contacted his family but they say it can’t be because there is no other matches related to 1st cousin even though some have tested. I have worked out both trees and only find a possible biological father on 1st cousins side with his surname. Your thoughts on this please. I may be stuck on the passing of YDNA from father to son, etc. Most connections on female cousins side are female. Does that make a difference?? Need help!!! Thanks for any help you might provide!!! Gracie


July 12, 2021

Will ancestry dna kit tell me how old my biological mother was when I was born? There are family rumours that my older sister (now deceased) was actually my biological mother and most of my family have now passed on so I’d really love to know before I purchase the DNA kit. I have just turned 63 years old. Any advice would be great. Thank you.

Elaine Tivoli

July 16, 2021

Hi good afternoon I just want a chance to find my biological father he use to be with my mother that gave birth to me and I’m trying to find him because he left samoa after his high school year he left because he find out about my mother giving birth to me please I want your help to find him because all these year I’m dying to see him so bad his name is Christopher costanzo that’s his name please


July 22, 2021

This year I took the AncestryDNA test, it’s been 44 years, I never knew who my biological father was. I went there just to see if maybe I could get a back ground not thinking that he’d actually be there. First this I saw was his name. I kept it to myself for a couple days, my mother never shared much info with me. I’ve since reached out and have spoken with him and it’s crazy. I’ve been an only child to now having 2 half brothers and 1 half sister, I haven’t talked to them. It’s so much in such a short timeframe. People definitely need therapy after learning some things from these sites.

Yasmine Hall

August 26, 2021

I’m trying to find my siblings on my dad side but he passed away and I don’t know any of they names I only know my dad full name

Ashlei Mcneace

December 9, 2021

Hi I’m trying to locate my father who I have never met nor do I know his name .. how do I find out who he is?

Connie Torres of Delano, CA

January 30, 2022

Growing up I was told my father was the same father as my older and younger sister. My mother left him and the country when I was 3 years old. I remember always pulling on his leg , hiding his keys and shoes so he wouldn’t leave me. Then when I was 15 years old I met him once again, but I didn’t feel a connection or wanting to even be around him. At 25 years old I discovered this man wasn’t my biological father. An aunt stated I had done well without a father as we were making arrangements for my 10 year old brother to live with me. Everyone in my family knew except for myself. My mother was very ill and was soon going to heaven. I did ask but she said it was best I that I didn’t know. After her passing no-one knew his name or where he lived or was from. I looked for many years in my country of origin asked many questions. But it was always the same thing no one knew anything. Then years later, when I was 49, I completed AncestryDNA and about 1 year later I met him! He and I became best friends, we spoke on the phone for hours. My bio father didn’t know I existed. All of his family and some friends told me he always wanted to have a daughter, he even had divorced because his wife only had 2 boys and didn’t want any more children. I really felt this blessedly happiness emotion, I was extremely happy and proud of my father. And, although we were miles away in different countries and spoke different language. We both were the same in our way of living, and thinking. We had the same kind of birds and plants, and were both business like minded. It’s been incredible, please be brave and keep the hope. As I was getting ready to move through pandemic era, to my home country to be by my fathers side, god has called upon an Angel. Now I have all of these glorious memories of my dad and my best friend. I love you dad and mom.

Alice K. Gruber

February 9, 2022

I am curious about which city in Europe my grandparents immigrated from in 1870s . My father was born in US in 1899, but am told he spoke German with his mother, her maiden name was Koch.
Many German immigrants lived in Cincinnati at turn of the century. Which test will help me find our native city or province? I do not know my grandfather’s first name.

Lois Anderson

February 12, 2022

Will close family reveal who my father is or his sister?

Julie Burton

July 7, 2022

Trying to find out the Dad of my child. He is 37

Pinky Stainbank

July 10, 2022

I’m a woman from a South Africa and I believe my father is a German or Dutch man living overseas. Which test would help me possibly locate him, since social media didn’t help.

Nathan Booth

July 23, 2022

I was adopted out at birth and later found out my biological mother ( Leslie Anne Flynn ) was killed when I was 2 in 1976 and met her father when I was 15 but he had cancer and died by the time I was 17, he had 1 other daughter ( Sharon Flynn ) who’s husband committed suicide and took their 2 pre-teen sons with him, she understandably wanted a clean break and told me that she didn’t want to know me, that was long long ago, I am now 47 and besides my teenage son do not know of 1 single living blood relative I know of.
I have only just ordered a ancestry DNA kit and was wondering if anyone knows the odds and chances of finding anything on my biological father’s side.
I’m a total mystery to me and now my adopted parents are dead I would like to know maybe something.
I was born in Auckland NZ In 1976 and moved to and grew up in Queensland Australia since 1978 at 4 yo.
Who also has the best trans Tasman DNA testing. Anyone able to enlighten me please?


August 30, 2022

Asking for my cousin ….. He got back his DNA Results through Ancestry DNA and it showed up 50%. He was testing to see if he was the father of a girl. What Exactly do this 50% Mean for him ??? Does it prove he IS the father or NO ?????

Thank You

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