Ancestral Origins (Standard)

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Ancestral Origins (Standard)

Ancestral Origins (Standard)
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The ‘Ancestral Origins™ (Standard)’ test from Genetic Testing Laboratories analyses your autosomal DNA. It reports on your ancestral origins and the modern populations you share your DNA with.


  • Includes a printed map (43 × 27cm)
  • Uses the Focused GeoGenetic Database
  • Can be taken by males and females

What you’ll receive

A standard sized map (43 × 27cm) printed on glossy photographic paper which displays:

  • The location of your ancestors before recent human dispersal in the form of a Native Region Matches map
  • The location of modern populations that you share your DNA with in the form of a Population Matches map
  • You’ll also receive printed guides and your internationally recognised STR DNA Profile
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