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Good to Know

What do we mean by ‘Opportunities’?
There are companies that allow you to donate or sell your genetic data for research. Creating a profile on their website will allow you to upload your genetic data if you already have it, or the company in question may send you a DNA collection kit. Some companies may request additional, non-genetic information to help with their research, such as your gender. When your profile fits the requirements for a study, you’ll either be invited to participate or automatically enrolled, depending on your preferences.

Which studies can I participate in?
You can participate in any studies for which you have the information the researchers are looking for. If you are eligible for a study, you will usually receive a notification prior to enrolment. Participants must be over 18.

What if I don’t want to participate in some studies?
You aren’t obligated to participate in all the studies you’re eligible for. If you don’t want to participate, you can decline the notification or make sure you’re not signed up to automatic enrolment.

Will I be paid for my genetic information?
Some companies will pay you for your genetic data, though some only offer the opportunity to participate in research.

Will any of my personal data be shared?
Generally, these companies encrypt your personal information and store it on a secure server (always check the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy). Information which could be used to identify you is kept separate from your genetic data to protect your anonymity. Most companies state that they do not share any identifying information with third parties.

Can I request that my data is removed from the system?
Generally, you can withdraw your consent to have your genetic data stored by the company you have signed up with (always check the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy). However, third parties with whom your genetic data has been shared for research purposes may still retain that data.

Will I be able to see the results of the studies?
Once you participate in a study, you may receive a report pertinent to you about the research your genetic data contributed to. This may not be the case for every company, or every research study.