Ultimate Genome Sequencing

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Ultimate Genome Sequencing

Ultimate Genome Sequencing
£ 482.28


‘Ultimate Genome Sequencing’ from Sequencing.com sequences and analyses your DNA so you can access the free apps in the Sequencing.com marketplace.


  • Produces your Whole Genome Sequence at 30x coverage
  • Reports on 5,000 times more markers than 23andMe and AncestryDNA
  • Requires that you sign-up to Sequencing.com’s membership program
  • You can download your data for free after taking the test

What you’ll receive

  • Your Whole Genome Sequence at 30x coverage
  • Access to the world’s largest collection of DNA apps
  • Access to new DNA apps as they’re added
  • Genome-Lock DNA Security which means your data will be protected 24/7 by military-grade technology
  • One Genome For Life technology which improves the quality and quantity of your data, and allows you to combine multiple DNA data sets
  • Altruism Rewards when researchers use your anonymised data to make discoveries that benefit us all
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