Genetic Predisposition Test

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Genetic Predisposition Test

Genetic Predisposition Test
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The ‘Genetic Predisposition Test’ from Easy DNA analyses your DNA. It will determine the likelihood that you’ll suffer with certain illnesses later in life, including cancers, cardiovascular conditions, diabetes and obesity.


  • Reports on 34 conditions
  • Compares your risks to the average risks
  • Gives advice for each result

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive a PDF report containing:

  • Your lifetime risk for each condition versus the average risk, both shown as percentages
  • A list of the genetic markers analysed
  • Recommendations for monitoring/reducing your risks
  • References to the research used for the report

In addition…

By means of a simple home testing kit you can send your sample back for DNA analysis and extraction. The test has been developed using SNPs as risk factors for disease development. Whilst you cannot alter your genetic makeup, you can alter conditions in your environment. There are certain factors (perhaps the types of foods you eat or your lifestyle habits) which are known to be possible triggers for certain diseases by activating the disease-causing genes. Changing and taking control of these external factors can decrease your chances of developing the disease.

The results will include your genetic susceptibility expresses as a percentage for all 34 diseases which fall into the following 5 categories:

  • Immune system diseases (ex. Celiac disease)
  • Diseases of old age (ex. Alzheimer’s disease)
  • Cardiovascular diseases (ex. Heart disease)
  • General health diseases (ex. Diabetes)
  • Ocular diseases (Exfoliation Glaucoma)
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