Premium Female

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Premium Female

Premium Female
£ 825.00


The ‘Premium Female’ test from Genetic Health analyses your DNA. It determines the likelihood that you’ll suffer with certain illnesses later in life, and suggests preventative action where possible.

Includes the ‘Obesity, Diabetes and Weight Loss’, ‘Nutrition Gene’ and ‘Pharmaco Gene’ tests.


  • Reports on 45 genetic variants
  • Examines your response to medications & diet
  • Includes post-test consultation with a doctor

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive PDF reports containing:

  • Your risk of breast cancer, thrombosis, metabolic imbalance, osteoporosis & cardiovascular disease
  • A HRT evaluation in view of your genetic makeup
  • A nutrigenetic analysis to help you improve your diet, regulate your BMI and slow down ageing
  • A pharmacogenetic analysis that shows you your genetic response to certain medications
  • An obesity, diabetes and weight loss analysis to help you adapt your lifestyle to stay healthy
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