Genetic Predisposition Test

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Genetic Predisposition Test

Genetic Predisposition Test
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The ‘Genetic Predisposition Test’ from International Biosciences analyses your DNA. It will determine the likelihood that you’ll suffer with certain illnesses later in life, including cancers, cardiovascular conditions, diabetes and obesity.

The information included in the report you will receive is based on the latest scientific research and the diseases in the test have generally been replicated in more than one important ethnic group.


  • Reports on 34 conditions
  • Compares your risks to the average risks
  • Gives advice for each result

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive a PDF report containing:

  • Your lifetime risk for each condition versus the average risk, both shown as percentages
  • A list of the genetic markers analysed
  • Recommendations for monitoring/reducing your risks
  • References to the research used for the report
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