Weight Loss DNA Test

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Weight Loss DNA Test

Weight Loss DNA Test
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The ‘Weight Loss DNA Test’ from New Life Genetics analyses your DNA to provide advice on ideal foods and diets for you to obtain your desired weight, greater well-being, and optimum health.


  • Covers 11 essential areas of health
  • Can increase weight loss efforts by more than 300%

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive a report with personalised information to help you with your diet and weight loss. Results will cover the following areas:

  • Which kind of diet is most beneficial for your genotype
  • Which kinds of physical activity will promote efficient weight loss
  • Genetic predisposition to produce leptin (a hormone which reduces appetite)
  • Predisposition to obesity
  • Insulin resistance
  • What ‘free radicals’ are and how your genotype affects the levels within your body
  • The functioning of the SOD2 enzyme and how it affect your body
  • How the metabolism of folic acid is affected by the MTHFR enzyme
  • Which gene you carry in relation to abdominal muscles
  • How your genotype breaks down and processes fat, protein and carbohydrate
  • A list of foods which can help you with weight loss
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