DNA + Epigenetics Test

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DNA + Epigenetics Test

DNA + Epigenetics Test
£ 247.80


The DNA + Epigenetics Test from Toolbox Genomics analyses your DNA and epigenetic profile to provide insights into your genetically influenced health predispositions and how your DNA is impacted by your lifestyle and environment.


  • Personalised exercise, diet, supplement and lifestyle guidance
  • 16 Health predisposition traits
  • 5 Insights into things you can change
  • Air quality impact by location

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive specific-to-you insights and targeted suggestions, including:

  • Virus Risk Score
  • Your predisposition to Immunity, Diet & Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, Mental Health & Memory, Sleep, Vitamin Deficiencies, Stress, Skin Health, Supplement Response, Injury Risk, Muscle Health, Eye Health, Gut Health, Heart Health, Exercise Response
  • Your Health Overview
  • Custom Meal Plans
  • Personalised Training Regimen
  • Vitamin Recommendations
  • 5 Insights You Can Change: Biological Age, Eye Age, Hearing Age, Memory Age, Inflammation Score
  • Track DNA Expression Changes Over Time
  • Air Quality Impact By Location
  • Specific-To-You Suggestions
  • In-App + Downloadable Results
  • Privacy Protected Results
  • Free In-App Updates As New Features Are Added
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