DNA Test

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DNA Test

DNA Test
£ 156.95


The DNA Test from Toolbox Genomics analyses your DNA to provide insights into your genetically influenced health predispositions.


  • Personalised exercise, diet, supplement and lifestyle guidance
  • 16 Health predisposition traits
  • Take control and make the most out of your DNA

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive specific-to-you insights and targeted suggestions, including:

  • Virus Risk Score
  • Your predisposition to Immunity, Diet & Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, Mental Health & Memory, Sleep, Vitamin Deficiencies, Stress, Skin Health, Supplement Response, Injury Risk, Muscle Health, Eye Health, Gut Health, Heart Health, Exercise Response
  • Your Health Overview
  • Custom Meal Plans
  • Personalised Training Regimen
  • Vitamin Recommendations
  • Specific-To-You Suggestions
  • In-App + Downloadable Results
  • Privacy Protected Results
  • Free In-App Updates As New Features Are Added
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