OME Heart Health

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OME Heart Health

OME Heart Health
£ 280.00


The ‘OME Heart Health’ programme by OME Health analyses the DNA of your gut bacteria alongside a blood pressure test to create personalised nutrition recommendations to support heart health.


  • Includes a blood pressure monitor
  • Genetic gut bacteria profile
  • Track your progress with a personal coach

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive a 12-week personalised health plan, accessible via an iOS mobile app. The Heart Health Coaching Programme includes the following features:

  • A profile of your gut bacteria, showing the bacterial diversity of your microbiome, and identifying which bacteria are beneficial or pathological
  • A 12-week plan based on the results of your microbiome and blood pressure tests, nutrition goals, and lifestyle data
  • Shoppable meal plans
  • A live chat feature, and video coaching with your personal coach
  • A food log with image recognition software
  • A progress tracker that keeps your health data all in one place
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