All-In-One Health Testing Package

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All-In-One Health Testing Package

All-In-One Health Testing Package
£ 259.00


The ‘All-In-One Health Testing Package’ from Home DNA Direct analyses your DNA to grant you access to a wealth of genetic information covering areas such as your ancestral origins, personality traits, physical performance, response to different nutrients, predisposition to diseases and skincare needs.


  • Provides you with valuable information which can help you make important decisions to further improve your health, lifestyle and wellbeing

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive a report that covers the following:

  • Your ancestry – you’ll learn where your ancestors are from – 700,000 DNA markers are tested to give you by-region data covering more than 500 regions
  • Your health – you’ll learn about your genetic susceptibility to more than 200 diseases
  • Your skincare – you’ll find out what your skin needs, and how your genes influence skin characteristics such as elasticity, hydration and antioxidant capacity which play a key role in your skin’s ageing process
  • Sports – you’ll learn which sports suit your DNA – you’ll be able to plan your training program smartly, reach your goals and even avoid injuries
  • Personality – you’ll learn how your genetics have played a role in the development of your personality, including impulsivity, neuroticism, intelligence and creativity
  • Nutrition – reveals the relationship between your genes and your nutritional responses – nutrients tested for include fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and more
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