DNA My Dog and Canine Age Test

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DNA My Dog and Canine Age Test

DNA My Dog and Canine Age Test
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The ‘DNA My Dog and Canine Age Test’ from International Biosciences analyses your dog’s DNA to determine their biological age and breed.


  • Measures the length of your dog’s telomeres to determine their age at the genetic level
  • Uses a database of more than 95 dog breeds to pinpoint your dog’s breed composition

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive a report that let’s you:

  • Determine your dog’s age if it’s unknown, a common issue with shelter dogs
  • Take control of the aging process by carrying out lifestyle or dietary changes
  • Recognise any signs of potential health risks such as heart disease, diabetes or cancer
  • Determine what breeds your dog is made up of, a complete breakdown of the composition is provided
  • Determine personality traits, exercise routines and behaviours expected from each unique breed
  • Recognise illnesses and health problems which can plague the dog’s particular breed mix
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