Talent DNA Test

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Talent DNA Test

Talent DNA Test
£ 187.12


The ‘Talent DNA Test’ from New Life Genetics analyses your DNA to reveal talents and skills that have been lying dormant.


  • Assesses physical, mental and intellectual potential
  • Examines genetics of major neurotransmitters and proteins that affect the functioning of the brain

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive access to a report with personalised information about your genetic potential and what it could be applied to. Results will cover the following areas:

  • Which professions and activities are recommended for people with your genotype
  • How to motivate yourself efficiently and effectively
  • How to defend yourself against negative emotions or which defensive mechanisms may be dominant in you
  • How to control emotions and effectively interpret the emotions of others
  • Which patterns of upbringing apply to children, dependent and determined by their genotype
  • How you can improve your brain function specific to your genotype
  • How to strengthen your physical fitness in line with your gene variants
  • Which skills you can harness when participating in sports such as athletics or football
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