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The ‘CircleDNA’ test analyses your exome to comprehensively report on the mutations contributing to your health, the variants you’ve inherited from your ancestors, and many more genetically determined traits.


  • Over 500 genetic reports in 20 categories
  • The most advanced DNA technology using whole exome sequencing
  • Complete insight into nutrition, exercise and wellness
  • Complete insight into family planning, cancer and disease
  • Free consultations with genetic councillors and qualified dieticians

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive the following:

  • 35 diet and nutrition reports; find out how to balance the micronutrients your body needs through the food you eat, including vitamin B12, Omega-3s, vitamin D, iron and more
  • 36 cancer risk reports; including the symptoms and lifestyle factors that may affect your risk, as well as what your result may mean for your family members
  • 73 common health and disease risks; early detection can help you and your healthcare provider create a personalised plan with lifestyle recommendations to limit any potentially serious negative health impacts
  • 157 family planning reports; an in-depth explanation of your carrier screen results and what it means for you and your family
  • 6 dementia & brain health reports; understand your risk of dementia and other brain conditions so you can allow yourself to make adjustments in your lifestyle that could reduce or delay the condition’s development
  • 103 drug response reports; understand how your body responds to medications used for a wide range of medical conditions, including allergies, mental health conditions, and pain
  • 18 sports & fitness reports; spend your exercise time more wisely by leveraging your genetic fitness strengths
  • 8 stress & sleep reports; uncover your genetic predisposition towards coping with stress, while helping you learn how well you can process information and perform tasks while in stressful situations
  • 14 skin reports; remarkable advances in understanding the human exome let you decipher your skin’s genetic profile and make informed treatment recommendations
  • 5 pollution reports; uncover expert insights into your genetic response to certain air pollutants and understand your inherent respiratory risk
  • 1 ancestry report; take a closer look into your DNA and see what percentage of your ancestry comes from five different regions
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