Grandchild Report

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Grandchild Report

Grandchild Report
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The ‘Grandchild Report’ from Gene Heritage analyses your DNA to reveal the ancient origins of your genes and their influence on your traits.


  • Reports on 11 genes and 15 traits
  • Measures what percentage of DNA came from which grandparent
  • Requires a digital copy of a grandparent’s, parent’s and child’s DNA

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive a report that reveals which parents passed on specific genes to a child, as well as how these genes influence traits such as eye colour, taste, and smell. Results will also include:

  • Customisation of the report with your family names
  • The ancestral origins of the genes
  • Traits associated with each gene – click here for more details
  • Whether each gene’s influence is strong, moderate or weak
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