Maternal Lineage Testing

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Maternal Lineage Testing

Maternal Lineage Testing
£ 159.00


‘Maternal Lineage Testing’ from International Biosciences analyses your mtDNA. It reports on your maternal ancestry and helps you discover your female lineage.

The test allows you to discover links to your maternal foremothers. Using your mitochondrial DNA, a type of DNA only passed down the maternal side; the test looks back in time to find ancestors with the same mtDNA, allowing you to build an ancient family tree.


  • Can be taken by males and females

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive a PDF certificate containing:

  • Your maternal haplogroup and the migratory path of your ancestors
  • Your haplogroup distribution by region and a list of famous people in your group

You’ll also receive a PDF guide containing:

  • An explanation of the test
  • The story of the human race and a timeline of human migration

After we have received your samples it will take the laboratory 4-5 weeks to test the mitochondrial DNA.

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