Starter Kit

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Starter Kit

Starter Kit
£ 49.00


The ‘Starter Kit’ from Living DNA analyses your DNA to give you an introduction to your ancestry and genetically predisposed wellbeing.


  • Provides an overview of your ancestry, fitness and nutrition
  • Discover your extended family through a DNA matching tool
  • Can be taken by males and females

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive access to an online account that:

  • Provides your DNA breakdown for 8 regions around the world
  • Compares the markers in your DNA, inherited from the last five to six generations of your ancestors, to help you understand your DNA story
  • Helps you to discover your extended family through a DNA matching tool
  • Allows you to opt-in to family networks and connect with global users to see how much DNA you share
  • Helps you discover what your genetics say about how your body metabolises vitamin D and what DNA inspired meals you can try
  • Unlocks the type of exercises your muscles respond to best based on your body type
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