Epigenetic Life + Genome Rockstar Package

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Epigenetic Life + Genome Rockstar Package

Epigenetic Life + Genome Rockstar Package
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The DNA-plus test, the Chronomics Lifestyle Programme, is the first ever home saliva test for you to discover not only your full DNA but also your epigenetic outcomes.

With Chronomics you receive:

  • Whole genome DNA sequencing
  • Biological age
  • How smoke exposure has affected you
  • What your true BMI really is

Run by scientists, for consumers.

From one simple saliva kit, you will learn how your environment, health and lifestyle have affected you at a DNA level using real science. You will also be able to measure the results of any lifestyle changes you make once tested.

What makes Chronomics different from other DNA tests?

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Easy to use platform
  • Epigenetic plus DNA results
  • A breakthrough in consumer healthcare as the first company to offer epigenetic health testing

What is behind the science? Your core DNA plays a small role in most diseases. The remainder of disease occurs due to lifestyle and environmental factors. These are controlled by what is known as epigenetics.

By joining the Chronomics Lifestyle Programme, not only can you receive your full DNA genome but also learn how exercise, diet, stress, weight, pollution and cigarettes are affecting you at a DNA level.

Finally available to consumers, the new pioneer Chronomics kit allows you to test your own epigenetic outcomes and manage your own genebook using our breakthrough health technology. A simple way to receive sophisticated above standard DNA outcomes on this easy to run, longevity programme.

Receive your easy-to-use saliva test kit and send it today to get results that allow you to manage your wellness and health proactively, not reactively.

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