Health Fit

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Health Fit

Health Fit
£ 165.00


The ‘Health Fit’ from DNAfit analyses your DNA to unlock your body’s fitness genetic profile and nutrigenetic responses to help upgrade your workout, diet and wellness.


  • Turn marginal gains into game-changing results
  • Uncover unique dietary needs & intolerances
  • Discover genetic insights for a holistic approach to your health
  • Contains reports for diet, fitness, stress & sleep responses

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive access to DNAfit’s interactive platform which will provide:

  • 15 diet insights including: Ideal diet type; carbohydrate, fat, caffeine, alcohol, and salt sensitivities; lactose tolerance; predisposition to Coeliac disease; antioxidant and micronutrient needs
  • 5 fitness insights including: DNAfit’s Peak Performance Algorithm; aerobic trainability; injury predisposition; recovery needs
  • 5 sleep and stress insights including: Stress tolerance; warrior or strategist; genetic chronotype; sleep quality; caffeine and sleep
  • You’ll be able to discuss your results in a complimentary phone consultation with DNAfit’s expert team of dietitians and sports scientists
  • You’ll be able to access to DNAfit’s online genetically-guided meal and training plan platforms
  • You’ll be able to access the DNAfit app to calculate your health score and access your reports on the go
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