Fitness and Nutrition

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Fitness and Nutrition

Fitness and Nutrition
£ 205.29


The ‘Fitness and Nutrition’ test from Dynamic DNA Laboratories analyses your DNA to help you discover genetic traits related to your diet, fitness and general wellness.


  • Reports on over 50 genetic traits
  • Learn how your body processes sugar, metabolises fat, absorbs vitamins, and reacts to exercise

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive a report that provides personalised advice on your diet and fitness. Results will include the following information:

  • Likely reactions to gluten, caffeine, alcohol, lactose
  • Your predispositions for metabolic rate, cholesterol, blood sugar
  • Nutritional needs for vitamins and folates
  • Key traits for muscle energy, recovery and fatigue
  • Your insulin and body fat response to exercise
  • Traits for aerobic capacity, nitric oxide, and vascular function
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