DNA Discover

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DNA Discover

DNA Discover
£ 390.86


The ‘DNA Discover’ test from Fitgenetix analyses your DNA to develop personalised food, supplement and wellness plans for you.


  • Includes analysis of over 128 genes
  • Recommends a diet type that is based on your genetic makeup

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive a report that provides detailed, personalised information about how your DNA interacts with specific types of foods, and in-turn how your metabolism and health are impacted. Results will also include the following features:

  • Food and supplements that work best for you
  • Meals for your metabolism
  • Action steps for your optimal health and fitness
  • Weekly follow up sessions with a wellness coach to help you to fine-tune the meal program and monitor the results
  • The option to have weekly custom meals delivered to your door, based on your nutrition profile
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