Build Muscle Hero

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Build Muscle Hero

Build Muscle Hero
£ 149.00


The ‘Build Muscle Hero’ from Fitness Genes analyses your DNA to identify the most effective types of training, macronutrients and supplements for your body. The information will allow you to build muscle.


  • Analyses over 40 genetic variants
  • Personal trainers and nutritional therapists provide detailed nutrition and exercise plans
  • A personalised 4 week training program

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive access to an online account containing:

  • Guidance for the volume, frequency and speed of your training activities
  • Focussed strength training advice
  • Recovery cardio and HIIT level recommendations
  • Guidance on your ratio of carbohydrates to fats, protein and macronutrient intake
  • Lactose intolerance & caffeine sensitivity
  • Your personalised 4 week training program
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