DNA and Oral Microbiome

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DNA and Oral Microbiome

DNA and Oral Microbiome
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The ‘DNA and Oral Microbiome’ test from Jinomz analyses your DNA and oral microbiome to help you learn more about what is really happening inside you.


  • Provides six reports and your raw uninterpreted data
  • Examines more than 700,000 markers

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive a report with information and advice about how your DNA affects your health and well-being. Results will cover the following areas:

  • Health – genetic risk and non-medical prevention strategies for over 100 diseases
  • Ancestry – your ethnicity breakdown across 31 populations worldwide
  • Training and nutrigenetics – personalised workout and diet advice
  • Brain – how your DNA affects your neurotransmitter pathways and personalised brain supplement recommendations
  • Drug response – how your DNA might affect your response to drugs and which dosages might be most effective
  • Skin beauty – the right ingredients and products for your skin
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