DNA Health Profile

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DNA Health Profile

DNA Health Profile
£ 119.99


The ‘DNA Health Profile’ from Muhdo analyses your DNA to look at 1,000 genetic markers and provide over 300 reports specific to you!


  • FREE Workout Planner
  • FREE Meal Planner with 100s of recipes
  • FREE Training Video Guides
  • All on a FREE mobile app!

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive a report that covers 5 core health areas:

  • Health – Your genetic makeup is intrinsically linked to your health
  • Diet – Nutrition is key to your holistic health
  • Vitamins – Discover more than just a snapshot of your current deficiencies
  • Physical – Move your training up a level with in-depth insights into how YOUR body works
  • Psychology – The way you respond to certain situations could be due to your genetics
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