Advanced Gut Health Test Pro

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Advanced Gut Health Test Pro

Advanced Gut Health Test Pro
£ 349.00


The ‘Advanced Gut Health Test Pro’ from healthpath looks at your gut microbiome and digestion, plus leaky gut. You receive a personalised report showing you how to optimise your gut health.


  • Reports on over 70 bacteria, pathogens, yeasts, parasites, H. pylori, candida, inflammation and other markers of gut health.
  • Test for leaky gut.
  • Samples analysed by accredited, world-leading labs.
  • Your symptoms and results reviewed by a qualified practitioner.
  • Option to pay in monthly instalments.

What you’ll receive

  • A personalised report with easy-to-understand insights and recommendations.
  • A tailored supplement protocol.
  • Meal plans and a free lifestyle program.
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