Go to the Next Level

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Go to the Next Level

Go to the Next Level
£ 383.95


The ‘Go to the Next Level’ test from Karmagenes analyses your DNA, in combination with your personality test results, to report on your behavioural characteristics.


  • Reports on 14 modern personality traits
  • Includes a test to establish the ‘big 5’ dimensions of your personality
  • Includes four 45 minute one-on-one online consultation sessions

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive a 20+ page report that outlines the influences of nature and nurture on your personality and supports your development through four consultation sessions. The results will cover the following areas:

  • Your career objectives e.g. do you prefer to lead or be led?
  • Your romantic relationships e.g. would you be better matched with someone similar or dissimilar to you?
  • Your well-being e.g. what are the best strategies to help you boost your confidence or reduce stress?
  • Long-term objectives and goals
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