Pet Testing by DNA My Dog

Mixed Breed Testing for Dogs

DNA My Dog

£ 52.82

Analyses your dog’s DNA to identify the breeds its composed of.

  • Enables you to understand the genetic heritage of your dog, their unique traits and predisposition to disease
  • Covers the most prevalent breeds of dog found in mixed-breed dogs
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Deceased Dog DNA Breed Test

£ 120.20

Analyses your deceased dog’s DNA to determine its breed(s).

  • Discover every breed that contributed to your deceased dog’s DNA
  • Samples can be collected from objects that have been in contact with your dog’s mouth e.g. toys, blankets, chewed household items
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Wolf Test

£ 68.90

Analyses your dog’s DNA to determine if it has any wolf, fox or coyote ancestors.

  • Reports on whether your dog’s ancestors were hybrids of any of these species
  • This test will not determine the different breeds that contribute to your dog’s DNA
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