Dog DNA Test

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Dog DNA Test

Dog DNA Test
£ 159.12


The ‘Dog DNA Test’ from Embark analyses your dog’s DNA to provide information on health conditions, breed, and ancestry.


  • Screens for over 165 health conditions
  • Tests for over 250 breeds, covering more than 98% of dogs in America
  • Accurate breed identification

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive access to an online account, which will provide you with information about your dog’s health, ancestry and breed. This will include:

  • Easily understandable, interactive results, as well as updated results as new discoveries are made
  • A free replacement swab if you lose your original swab – down your dog’s mouth or otherwise!
  • Your dog’s raw genetic data on request
  • Doggy DNA Relative Finder – find the dogs related to your furry friend!
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