Whole Genome Sequencing 20x

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Whole Genome Sequencing 20x

Whole Genome Sequencing 20x
£ 597.77


The ‘Whole Genome Sequencing’ service from Full Genomes produces your complete DNA sequence. It comes with analyses of several parts of your sequence, and allows analysis by other parties.


  • 20x coverage
  • Produces a BAM file (roughly 50 GB)

What you’ll receive

In addition to receiving your complete DNA sequence as a BAM file, you’ll receive:

  • Variant summary reports from SnpEff and VEP
  • Autosomal and X-DNA variant identification (as two VCF files)
  • Your mtDNA sequence (as a FASTA file)
  • Your Y-DNA analysis (if you’re male)

In addition…

Whole Genome Sequencing 20x also yields Y chromosome coverage comparable to the Y Elite test, as well as complete coverage of all the other DNA in the genome.

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