Custom Nutrition Plan

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Custom Nutrition Plan

Custom Nutrition Plan
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The ‘Custom Nutrition Plan’ from Gene Food analyses your genes to give you nutrition insights. Offered through CLIA certified labs, Gene Food test kits unlock a new system of eating powered by your DNA.


  • Data is kept 100% confidential and secure
  • Learn your ideal diet type
  • Designed by Dr. Aaron Gardner, BSc, MRes, PhD
  • Heart healthy diet, LDL genes, blood sugar, dairy and much more

What you’ll receive

  • Macronutrient recommendations – Learn what ratio of fat to carbs to protein best suits you
  • Blood sugar analysis – What types of carbohydrate can your body handle?
  • Should I eat plant based? – What percentage of protein should come from plants?
  • Protein metabolism – How does your body react to dairy, histamine and plant proteins?
  • Methylation strength – How strong are your methylation genes?
  • All about fat – Whether you can handle butter in your coffee, fat metabolism, HDL:LDL ratio and more
  • Do you need supplements? – Learn the micronutrients to consider adding to your diet.
  • Understand your detox genes – Estimate how well your body clears environmental toxins.
  • 2 Week Meal Plan – Each diet type comes with a 2 week meal plan to get you started
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