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The ‘MedicaMap’ test from Mapmygenome analyses your DNA to find out how your body metabolises different drugs and predict your responses to a variety of medications.


  • Assesses responses to over 100 FDA approved drugs
  • Examines genes related to drug metabolism
  • Requires a saliva swab (no blood)

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive a report showing how you may react to certain medications, including whether you are likely to require a higher dose, or are more likely to have an adverse reaction. Results will include:

  • Your responses to over 100 FDA approved drugs, including: anti-microbials, psychiatric medications, cardiovascular agents, gastrointestinal drugs, chemotherapeutic drugs, and immune-suppressants
  • A genetic counselling session to discuss your results with a qualified professional
  • A secondary report post-counselling containing your recommendations personalised for your health history and genetics
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